Uxello brittany is APSAD I4-NF285 certified

Uxello continues to reinforce its expertise by achieveing this new certification regarding installation and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

30 Dec 2018

Certification for your protection

In addition to the IF1, E1 (installation service, maintenance and periodic checks of sprinkler systems) and J5-F5 (installation, validation and maintenance of fire hoses) certifications already obtained by UXELLO, this certification should accelerate the development of its overall service offer.

Thanks to this certification, Uxello is now in the preferred company for all fire-fighting systems such as sprinklers, fire hoses, fire extinguishers, smoke extraction, BAES (emergency lighting unit) and fire doors.

The certification policy continues to encourage new challenges including moving towards the next step of implementing the APSAD N17 certification for natural smoke extraction.

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