Uxello Services Ile-de-France sets up in the South-East of Paris

This coexistence will reinforce existing links with the VINCI Facilities teams, specialists in multi-technical and multi-service maintenance; the objective being to multiply common offers.

Being closer to its tertiary and industry customers in these departments, Uxello will be able to optimize its travel time and thus offer even more attractive rates.

The ambition of Uxello Services Ile-de-France is to gain new customers in the logistics and airport infrastructure sector, thanks to its success at Roissy airport.

The next step will be to open by 2021 a new company in South East of Paris.

Contacts: Bruno Francisco, company manager and Gautier Allio, business manager (06 03 19 07 75)

Fire protection : The 3 benefits of the new APSAD R5 fire hose rule

Improved sizing of facilities

While the regulation provides that 2 fire hoses must be able to reach any point of a site, the simultaneous operation of 4 fire hoses was imposed. Today, the APSAD R5 standardizes its requirements and only the operation of 2 fire hoses is necessary. The speed of water circulation in the pipes has also been increased from 3m/sec to 6m/sec.

Benefits of these changes:

  • new installations will be smaller (pipe diameter, water source capacity, water reserve, etc.),
  •  installation and hardware costs will logically be lower,
  • the weight on ceilings will be lighter, a benefit in building design for example,
  • lighter installations generate less fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders for our assemblers

Improved Precision

The requirements related to the network support have been deepened and clarified, for example points of attachment and their spacing, quantity, dimensioning, mechanical resistance etc.

The APSAD R5 also goes into much more detail regarding requirements related to maintenance, in particular for parts, and is centered on the obligation of result more than on the means to be implemented.

Improved chance of obtaining the certificate of conformity

All premises in a building must previously have been protected by fire hoses. Under certain conditions, the new rule APSAD R5 allows for exceptions to smaller premises (electrical rooms for example) and premises made of fireproof materials.

It is also now possible to limit protection to certain buildings or premises on a site, for example those essential to the activity. These exceptions require a certificate of compliance, which was not the case before.

Released in September 2018, the APSAD R5 rule will be enforced on 1 June 2019. Uxello nevertheless encourages you to put into place this new regulation now! For more information, contact one of our experts.


To the west, Uxello is involved in local areas

Companies Uxello Works Pays de Loire and Uxello Services Pays de Loire and their commitment to social issues

Uxello has shown throughout 2018 and continues its commitment to local areas :

  • participation on October 12 at the forum « Mix et métiers » (Mix and Professions) of Nantes, to promote our jobs to a female audience
  • October 4, at the invitation of the Entreprises pour la Cité Ouest Atlantique, (Companies for the West Atlantic City) UXELLO joined members of companies based in Nantes also involved in ‘Companies for the City’ and elected officials for a walk-around the heart of the Dervallières district. High points included meeting inhabitants, socio-educational stakeholders.
  • Fut’Taf event on March 22, in the heart of the Malakoff district,
  • active participation in the 2nd Chance School through promotional sponsorships and interview simulations throughout the year

Uxello protects the future Vinci head office

To protect the future VINCI headquarters, called the Archipel, Uxello will install 3 400 sprinklers spread over five underground levels, including four in the car park, a delivery area, the restaurant area and the auditorium.

Located in Nanterre, the future head office will bring together the VINCI Group’s different business divisions into five interconnected « islands ». The Archipelago will be a reflection of the Group’s dynamic, providing an information sharing environment between employees, partners and citizens alike.

Uxello Tertiaire Ile-de-France will carry out this project in BIM (digital 3D model). Construction begins in March 2019.

Supporting agri-food with our fire protection solutions

CFIA – an event not-to-be-missed for Uxello

Uxello will be at the CFIA trade fair in Rennes from 13 to 15 March 2018. Join our teams in hall 10, stand G44 / H43, alongside VINCI Energies companies, experts in the field of agri-food industry.

For more than 20 years, the CFIA has been the major event for agri-food industry in France. It includes 1,450 exhibitors offering Processing, Packaging and Ingredient Solutions.

Uxello brittany is APSAD I4-NF285 certified

Certification for your protection

In addition to the IF1, E1 (installation service, maintenance and periodic checks of sprinkler systems) and J5-F5 (installation, validation and maintenance of fire hoses) certifications already obtained by UXELLO, this certification should accelerate the development of its overall service offer.

Thanks to this certification, Uxello is now in the preferred company for all fire-fighting systems such as sprinklers, fire hoses, fire extinguishers, smoke extraction, BAES (emergency lighting unit) and fire doors.

The certification policy continues to encourage new challenges including moving towards the next step of implementing the APSAD N17 certification for natural smoke extraction.

Laying the foundational stone at the tour duo tower site

Found in the heart of the Masséna district, the Tour DUO towers will connect the 13th district of Paris and the neighboring city of Ivry

The towers are a result of the Paris Rive project (in the 13th arrondissement).  DUO 1 will be 180 meters high and have 39 floors, and DUO 2 will be 122 meters with 29 floors.

Designed by celebrated architect Jean Nouvel (Arab World Institute, musée du quai Branly, Philharmonie de Paris), the towers will offer 90,000 m² of tertiary space, a hotel, a skybar with incredible views of Paris and public areas including an auditorium, shops, a garden, green terraces etc

VINCI Construction France (BATEG), an agent and member, of a group with VEF Tertiaire IDF and Uxello Travaux Ile-de-France, is undertaking the construction.