Conception to reality

The implementation phase of a project is the heart and engine of Uxello and our teams. We have developed a unique offer with adapted solutions and services specifically for this phase.

sur chantier une équipe uxello coordonne la bonne installation du réseau sprinkleur

An unique point of contact throughout the project

Contracts are handled by a business manager who is the unique point of contact throughout the project. He ensures consistency and quality of work taking place. In this way, relationships are simplified between work teams and those giving instruction.

Thanks to a business unit network, Uxello can intervene in multiple sites at the same time for the same client and the same contract, both in France and internationally.


The commissioning phase is overseen and managed by an expert in fire safety rules. This phase sees the handing over of your project to supervisory authorities (National Prevention and Protection Centre, insurance providers, control offices, safety commissions…) and guarantees the performance of your equipment. The commissioning phase also includes your staff training.

The certificate of conformity for your installation will be done according to the required framework (APSAD, NF-EN 12845, FM, NFPA…).