To the west, Uxello is involved in local areas

Having introduced the network "companies for the city" West Atlantic at the beginning of 2018, UXELLO continues to invest in social innovation by signing the charter "Entreprises et Quartiers" (Businesses and Local Areas) on October 18, 2018.

30 Dec 2018

Companies Uxello Works Pays de Loire and Uxello Services Pays de Loire and their commitment to social issues

Uxello has shown throughout 2018 and continues its commitment to local areas :

  • participation on October 12 at the forum “Mix et métiers” (Mix and Professions) of Nantes, to promote our jobs to a female audience
  • October 4, at the invitation of the Entreprises pour la Cité Ouest Atlantique, (Companies for the West Atlantic City) UXELLO joined members of companies based in Nantes also involved in ‘Companies for the City’ and elected officials for a walk-around the heart of the Dervallières district. High points included meeting inhabitants, socio-educational stakeholders.
  • Fut’Taf event on March 22, in the heart of the Malakoff district,
  • active participation in the 2nd Chance School through promotional sponsorships and interview simulations throughout the year
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