Uxello Services Ile-de-France sets up in the South-East of Paris

In order to strengthen its presence in the 77th, 91st and 94th departments of Paris, the company moved into its new offices on 3 December at VINCI Facilities, 67 avenue de Fontainebleau, Kremlin-Bicêtre in the Val de Marne.

31 Dec 2018
nouveau bureau

This coexistence will reinforce existing links with the VINCI Facilities teams, specialists in multi-technical and multi-service maintenance; the objective being to multiply common offers.

Being closer to its tertiary and industry customers in these departments, Uxello will be able to optimize its travel time and thus offer even more attractive rates.

The ambition of Uxello Services Ile-de-France is to gain new customers in the logistics and airport infrastructure sector, thanks to its success at Roissy airport.

The next step will be to open by 2021 a new company in South East of Paris.

Contacts: Bruno Francisco, company manager and Gautier Allio, business manager (06 03 19 07 75)

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