Who we are

Uxello offers made-to-measure solutions for your fire safety needs, adapted to every type of risk related to fire.

uxello protège contre tout risque incendie

Fire protection specialists

We design, install and maintain fire safety systems, to protect your equipment, activity and staff. We offer you active (sprinkler) or passive fire protection as well as additional protection systems.

Our 600 engineers and experts ensure available and reliable protection equipment, for tertiary and industrial sites and retail spaces.

In addition, Uxello has specific expertise in special risks and offers a wide panel of services through its global maintenance offer.


The benefit of a network in France and abroad

Leader in fire safety in France, we are spread over thirty locations in mainland France, the French West Indies, Réunion and other overseas departments.

Calling on Uxello grants you access to a broad network dedicated to fire safety. Furthermore, all our companies work closely with each other, allowing us to manage and guide contracts of all sizes. Thanks to this network we can simultaneously operate in different places for the same client including those abroad. This network also connects our Uxello experts to local company resources giving them local expertise, great relations with local clients and a knowledge of working practices within the  countries in which they work.