Fire detection systems

The purpose of an automatic fire detection system is to detect and raise an alarm as soon as a fire breaks out. It therefore reduces the implementation time for appropriate measures to be taken towards fighting the fire and limiting its consequences.

systeme de detection automatique d'incendie

How does it work ?

A fire detection system is made of, at the least, automatic fire detectors or manual triggers, plus controlling and signaling equipment.

Fire detection systems can apply up-to-date technology to both conventional and addressable equipment.

Uxello offers a wide range of detectors (smoke, heat, flame, spark, CO, H2S…), including special environments (harsh and/or explosive atmospheres etc.). Systems are provided with adequate signaling equipment, such as audible alarms, visual alarms and remote alarms.

The automatic electrical control and delay device ensures the complete management of your fire detection system, whether it is gas, foam, water or water mist (deluge system).

Fire is detected through automatic fire detectors which are sensitive to a combination of phenomena related to fire such as flame, smoke, heat, gas.


What happens during a fire ?

When a fire starts the detector sends a signal to a fire detection station. The equipment transmits this signal and information clearly and concisely for the operator. The fire detection station also allows the implementation of other necessary authorities, central to safety and security procedures.