Protect your building from fire with a water mist system

Less water consumed, less cumbersome, less heavy, and more flexible. Water mist installations are extremely effective in the fight against fire.

19 Nov 2019
protection par brouillard d'eau en data center

Waster mist solution

First appearing in the maritime industry, water mist solutions are now present in many land-based applications in both tertiary and industrial environments.

The systems are suitable for fast and effective equipment protection (transformers, generators, production machines, …), as well as whole buildings.

Preliminary qualification tests guarantee a performance at least equal to that of traditional sprinkler systems.

By diffusing very fine droplets of water at high pressure (above 50 bar), the Uxello water mist solution provides optimal protection against fire. The benefits : to absorb the maximum heat released by a fire in order to extinguish it, while also consuming less water.

A question of weight and size

The systems offer the advantage of being much more compact and lightweight than conventional sprinkler systems. The small diameter of the pipes (Ø40 mm vs Ø200 mm for example) allows the assembly of networks in small or tight spaces.

Similarly, the limited size of the components facilitates the positioning of the water source.

Fire protection that uses less water

Depending on the type of risk, water mist can control or extinguish a fire by consuming 2 to 10 times less water than a sprinkler system.

Extinguished water must be reprocessed. Less water means a lower processing cost. This is even more true in the case of sites using high risk substances (pharmaceutical, chemical, nuclear etc).

When to choose water mist fire protection system?

The water mist system must be adapted to the risk and protection required, to the expected performance objective and to the different constraints of the project.

Engineering developed by Uxello Special Risks makes it possible to optimize this solution.

Beyond water-related issues, some sectors benefit from having less cumbersome and heavy facilities.

For example :

  • hotel rooms with false ceilings and limited space.
  • buildings that have not been designed to allow fire protection installations (problems of space and / or structural integrity).
  • Renovation of historical monuments in which the discretion of the facility counts.

Advantages of fire protection for data centers

The entirety of a data center can be protected by a water mist system. A centralized water source will protect technical premises and computer rooms, including ventilated and / or permanently air-conditioned areas, from fire.  A single fire suppression system for the entire building facilitates maintenance and operation.

Flexible water mist systems adapt to the urbanization and the specific evolutions of data centers.

Data centers also have an obligation to continuously provide a service.  The data center remains functional even during the use of the mist system (with ventilation / cooling of the various processes in particular). The water mist solution has the advantage of being able to be put back into service quickly after tripping.

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