Our history

Founded in 2013, with the decision by VINCI Energies to federate fire safety activities within the Group under a common commercial banner, Uxello unites TPI, LPI, Protec Feu, Protec Feu Special Risks and Profab.

production système de protection incendie

Uxello has been known and recognised as leading experts in its field expertise for more than 50 years.

  • 1964 : Tunzini, a company specialized in heating, ventilation and air conditioning engineering consisting of over 3,500 employees, creates a fire protection service which eventually leads to the creation of the company TPI in 1992
  • 1966 : Protec Feu is created – the first ISO 9001 certified sprinkler company
  • 1974 : Lefort Francheteau, speciliasts in heating and air conditioning, diversifies its activities by creating an installation and maintenance service for fire protection systems
  • 1990 : VINCI Energies takes over Lefort Francheteau which becomes Lefort Génie Climatique (LGC)
  • 2002 : Protec Feu joins the VINCI Energies group
  • 2004 : Protec Feu and the LGC fire department merge to become Lefort PL (LPI)
  • 2005 : The creation of PROFAB unitesProtec Feu Argenteuil and TPI Ressons-Le-Long
  • 2009 : Protec Special Risks department becomes Protec-Feu Risques Spéciaux
  • 2012 : VINCI Energies group takes over Agreg
  • 2013 : VINCI Energies decides to create the brand Uxello and therefore bring together the experts and their companies under the same commercial banner which now carries the fire protection expertise for VINCI Energies